Premium Mineral Water from Hungary

Our source is a 15,600-year-old crystal clear premium category, a mineral water untouched by humanity. A 200-million-year-old layer of limestone ensured its excellent mineral content. From a depth of 900 meters, it goes straight into the glass bottles, which is how it gets to you without chemical treatment, in its original ancient form. Our mission is to make this water resource available to those who value optimal mineral water, which is uniquely tasty and free from social pollution. Aqiris is your cornerstone to a healthy lifestyle.

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  • At our core, we believe in using eco-friendly materials to help protect our environment for future generations.
  • Each carton contains two 3.8 liters (1 gallon) uniquely-shaped glass bottles that are easily manageable.
  • Because we are committed to being eco-friendly, our bottles are reusable and will be recycled at the end of their life cycle.
  • Our solar farm, which is capable of providing enough power to make us self-sustaining, surrounds the facility.
  • By using products that are made from sustainable materials, we can help reduce the amount of waste that is produced and help make a positive impact on the world around us.