Premium Mineral Water from Hungary

At Aqiris, we are proud to offer a premium category of crystal clear mineral water that is completely untouched by human hands. Sourced from a 15,600-year-old underground reservoir and filtered through a 200-million-year-old layer of limestone, our water boasts exceptional mineral content. Straight from a depth of 900 meters, we bottle our water without any chemical treatment to preserve its original, ancient form. Our mission is to make this extraordinary water accessible to those who value an optimal and uniquely delicious mineral water that is free from any contamination caused by human activity. With Aqiris, you can trust that you are choosing a cornerstone for a healthy lifestyle.

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Quenching Hungary’s Thirst: The Advantages of Well Water Delivery in Glass Bottles vs. Tap Water and the Effects of Lead Piping

In Hungary, the debate between well water delivery in glass bottles and tap water continues to spark discussions on water quality, health, and environmental concerns. While tap water is the most readily available option, concerns about aging infrastructure, chemical treatments, and the presence of lead in old pipes have led to a surge in demand for alternative water sources. In this article, we will explore the advantages of well water delivery in glass bottles over tap water in Hungary, with a focus on the effects of lead piping, efforts to replace them, and the benefits of using glass bottles instead of plastic.


Rethinking Bottled Water: The Role of Eco-Friendly Technologies in Mitigating Plastic Pollution

In recent years, our society has become increasingly dependent on bottled water for its convenience and portability. However, the widespread use of plastic-based bottled water has had a disastrous effect on our environment. Billions of plastic bottles are discarded annually, ending up in landfills and oceans, wreaking havoc on ecosystems and contributing to climate change. As a result, it is crucial for us to reevaluate our reliance on bottled water and prioritize the use of recyclable materials to minimize our environmental footprint.

  • Our core belief is to use eco-friendly materials to protect the environment for future generations.
  • Each carton includes two uniquely-shaped glass bottles of 3.8 liters (1 gallon) that are easy to manage.
  • We encourage bottle reuse and ensure they are recycled at the end of their life cycle to support our eco-friendly commitment.
  • Our solar farm provides enough energy to make us self-sustaining and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • By using sustainable materials, we aim to reduce waste and make a positive impact on the environment.

As we prepare for our nationwide launch, AQIRIS is seeking participants in the Budapest area who are interested in receiving our glass-bottled mineral water, directly to your home or place of business. If you would like to be part of our early roll-out program in the region, we invite you to sign up. Please note that slots are limited in this initial phase, and we will only be accepting a select number of participants. We thank you in advance for your interest in AQIRIS, our Premium Mineral Water.